Slain: Back from Hell out now on PC, PS4 and XB1.

Prepare to be Slain!

A  gothic puzzle-combat platformer with gore galore.  Putting a strategic twist on the classic hack and slash games of the ‘80s and ‘90s.’

Slain: Back from Hell. A heavy metal inspired arcade combat with puzzle elements and gore galore. Stunning visuals and true old school gameplay accompanied by the most metal soundtrack you’ve ever heard.

Control the fate of Bathoryn, a doomed hero in a Gothic world, who seeks to liberate six cursed realms from six deadly overlords.

He must battle his way through this blighted land, packed with gruesome pixel art foes before ascending (or sometimes descending) into a stronghold, all the while defeating fiendish traps and vile monsters alike.

A game published by Digerati Distribution

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